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Miss Texas International 2014
Miss Texas International 2014 Rachael Lynee Burns

"Conquer. Live. Repeat. Overcoming obstacles one day at a time."  More than a platform, this mantra and mission is something that Rachael Lynee Burns, Miss Texas International 2014, lives every day.


Rachael's personal experiences with child abuse, heart disease, and hearing loss make her someone who appreciates the struggles that many experience through life and has given her a genuine love for people. Rachael has severe hearing loss and tinnitus from having meningitis as a baby. She is now recognized as being legally deaf, though she is able to speak well and read lips to participate in the "hearing world." Rachael's own personal struggles and story of perserverence and triumph have led her to using her voice on behalf of three national organizations for which she serves as an ambassador: The Hearing Health Foundation, American Heart Association, and Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children.  Rachael enjoys her role as Miss Texas International, speaking to groups across the state about her platform and encouraging others to overcome hurdles in their own lives.


Rachael wants others to understand that everyone has struggles.  Whether a person is battling a disease, abuse, or an addiction, obstacles are constantly thrown our way.  "Conquer. Live. Repeat." is a campaign Rachael designed to help those struggling with obstacles and disabilities by bringing awareness to the fact that everyone has struggles, and not everyone's challenges are physically obvious. Her mission is to inspire a much more loving and understanding world and to encourage everyone to conquer challenges and live your life to the fullest -- and repeat that process whenever necessary.  Everyone's process in different, and she wants to be able to help point those who are struggling in the right direction.  


As Rachael points out, we can either choose to let things hold us back, or allow them to propel us forward and make us stronger.


A native Texan, Rachael has lived in cities across the Lone Star State, including Fort Worth, Denton, Irving, Garland, and Round Rock.  She is an elementary school teacher and also a ballerina with the Festival Ballet of North Central Texas. Rachael is now pursuing a bachelor of science in nutrition from Texas Women's University in hopes of one day becoming a medical professional.


For more information about Rachael's platform, please visit www.ConquerLiveRepeat.org. To schedule an appearance with Miss Texas International 2014 Rachael Lynee Burns, please contact TexasInternationalPageant@gmail.com.