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When is the pageant and where?

The 2016 Texas International Pageant will be held Sunday, April 10th, 4 p.m., at the Granville Arts Center's Brownlee Auditorium at 300 North 5th Street, Garland, TX 75040. Tickets are available at the door only and are $35, with children 5 and under free. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. The public is welcome to attend.

I've never been in a pageant before, can I still compete?
Absolutely! There is no experience required or necessary.

There is no preliminary competition in my area, can I still compete?
In areas where there is no preliminary competition, those titles are awarded by our Executive State Committee based on eligibility and applications received. This process is called "competing at-large."

Are there height and weight requirements?
This Miss Texas International Pageant has no height or weight stipulations. We know that exceptional young ladies come in all shapes and sizes. The Miss Texas International Pageant does showcase the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the fitness wear portion of the competition.

What is a platform?
A platform is a cause or issue that is near or dear to your heart. Each contestant in the Miss Texas International Pageant will select a platform which she will spend the year promoting if selected as Miss Texas International. There is no right or wrong platform, as long as it's an issue about which you are passionate.

Can I obtain sponsors to help defray the cost of competing?
Absolutely! Sponsors are allowed and encouraged, but not required.

If I become a local title-holder, will I receive a crown and sash?
All local title-holders receive an official Miss Texas International embroidered sash reflecting their particular title. Title-holders also have the option of purchasing the official Miss Texas International local title-holder crown. Purchase of the crown is completely optional and may be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

What if I don't have a talent?
No talent is required. The Miss Texas International Pageant does not have a talent portion of the competition. (Being yourself and contributing to your community is talent enough!)

What do you wear for the fitness wear portion of the pageant?
Each contestant will wear the official fitness wear of the Miss International organization. The fitness wear is worn with plain white athletic shoes of the contestant's own choosing.

What is the deadline for entry?
The final deadline for entry for the 2016 Miss Texas International Pageant has passed.  Please stay tuned for updates on next year's pageant!

What time commitment is involved in being a local title-holder?
You may devote as much (or as little) time as you desire, are able, in regards to promoting your title and making appearances. We request that each local title-holder make at least one appearance in their community a month, but this will vary from contestant to contestant based on each contestant's individual schedule.

What is Fun Fashion Wear?
The Fun Fashion Wear portion of the competition is designed to let each contestant express her own personal sense of style. Fun Fashion Wear should be something that you may wear on the red carpet or to a dressy New Year's Eve party. It's more fun and flirty than an evening gown and may be a dress, outfit, pants, or even show bare midriff. It should not be another evening gown. Please bear in mind that fun fashion wear must be in good taste and must be approved by the state office.

What if my questions was not answered or listed above?
If you did not find the answer to your question above, please don't hesitate to contact us...we're always happy to help. You may e-mail the Director at:TexasInternationalPageant@gmail.com